Glittering Glass Ultrasonic Diffuser
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Glittering Glass Ultrasonic Diffuser, 1 Unit

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Limit: 2 Per Order
Suggested Use: First, make sure diffuser is unplugged. Place diffuser on even, flat surface. Open your diffuser by gently pulling up the top glass cover and gently place on flat surface. DO NOT FORCE DIFFUSER TO OPEN. Then, slowly fill the bottom half of the diffuser with 60 mL warm (not hot) distilled or tap water. Do not use well water. Caution, do not overfill or spill. Carefully add your essential oil(s) directly into water tank (about 5-7 drops). To turn on press down on the power button. Press 1 time, mist continuously stays on for 2 hours. Press 2 times, mist intermittently works for 4 hours (on/off per 15 seconds). The Safety Auto shut-off unit automatically shuts off when water runs out. To turn off press the mist switch until it turns to OFF.
WARNING: Do not fill water over 60mL at any time. Leave the power off when there is no water in tank and keep unplugged when not in use. Keep on a flat surface away from electronics and clean often. Do not touch the Ultrasonic vibration plate. Never move diffuser when in use or touch with wet hands. Make sure cord is clear from pathways and do not pull plug. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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