Organic Flax Seeds 16 oz (454 g) Bag
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Flax Seeds, 16 oz (454 g) Bag

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Wholesome Nutrition in Each Bite

Piping Rock Organic Flax SeedsAlso known as linseed, flaxseeds are harvested from the flax plant. This annual plant boasts bright purple flowers and seeded fruits that have been used in traditional health practices for centuries.

Supplying a rich balance of essential fatty acids, notably omega-3s (ALA) and omega-6s (linoleic acid), flaxseed is perhaps one of the best vegan and vegetarian-friendly sources of these important EFAs.  This wholesome nutritional profile can help to support cardiovascular health, hormonal health in women and reproductive health in men.** This oil also supplies overall health-supportive antioxidants, which can promote radiant skin and healthy aging!**

Now you can add Piping Rock’s organic Flaxseeds to your daily regimen at the lowest cost! Add these deliciously nutty seeds to cereals, salads, blended drinks and more! As flaxseeds are so high in fiber, it is recommended that you enjoy with plenty of water.

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